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Back to school! Upcoming W3C courses

And actually, ¬°volver a la escuela!, since we just opened 2 courses in Spanish. They both have early bird rates before 30 September, so not to be missed!

W3DevCampus will also open both JavaScript and Responsive Web Design courses during this fall. Subscribe to our mailing list to be aware of the early-bird rate announcements!

Important note: The HTML5 in English course will no longer be available on the W3DevCampus platform. It has been split in 2: HTML5 Part-1 and HTML5-Part 2, and is now offered from the W3Cx platform (W3C’s partnership with edX).

After a successful first run of the course that drove over 77K enrollees, W3Cx re-opens registration for the HTML5 Part-1 MOOC course, to start on 5 October 2015. The course lasts 6 weeks, and is still taught by Michel Buffa.

The HTML5 Part-2 course will first offered before end of 2015, and the exact start date will be announced soon here or on W3Cx’s social networks (Twitter @thew3cx, Facebook TheW3Cx, etc.).