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Get new Webdev skills in HTML5, RWD and JS

Board the new year’s sessions of our acclaimed online courses on HTML5, Responsive Web Design and JavaScript!

You will be trained by real instructors, through an online platform. Learn at your own pace and learn step by step along with other fellow participants coming from all parts of the world. The W3C trainers are there to guide you using interactive examples and fun assignments to help raise your Web developer skills.

Register soon to one or more W3C courses and receive a certificate of completion as well as a badge:

  • JavaScript [Register]. This course runs for 4 weeks starting 26 January 2015. This course provides instruction about JavaScript good practices, tricks, and tools, illustrated through examples and assignments.
  • HTML5 [Register]. This course runs for 6 weeks, starting 2 February 2015. This course covers video, time based animation, 2D geometric transformations, Web Audio API, Web components and much more.
  • Responsive Web Design [Register – early bird rate applies until 16 Jan!]. This course runs for 5 weeks, starting 6 February 2015. This course leads you step by step through an approach that focuses on HTML and CSS to make your Web site fit in all viewport sizes.