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HTML5 course starts today! – enhanced content, acclaimed teacher

W3C HTML5 logoEnrol now! Starting 30th September 2013, this 6-week W3C HTML5 online course will let you know about all the new advanced features that were introduced to help Web content authors to create great Web sites.

This new course edition has been significantly enhanced from the June 2013 course. It  features the following new sections:

  • It now includes a JavaScript crash course to help participants who do not feel very confident with this langage. This is not a full featured JavaScript course, but more a set of hints/reminders to allow for an easier kickstart.
  • The HTML5 canvas has now an advanced additional section dedicated to time based animation, high resolution timer and optional timestamp parameter. Numerous examples are provided so that to explain how to set up the frame rate of an animation, and do time based animation.
  • We also added a section that describes in details the 2D geometric transformations that can be used on the canvas element. Lots of examples are also provided.
  • We added a complete new section about the Web Audio API, an API which is useful for games or musical applications.
  • There are new examples of HTML5 forms together with the File API, the drag’n’drop API and the new XHR2 API that show how to handle HTML5 forms using Ajax, including multiple file uploads methods. Examples includes full source code for client and server side (PHP, Java), showing progress bars during upload, etc.

For more information, such as the course outline, please read the detailed course description.

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