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W3C proposes a number of online training courses, and in different languages, on topics such as mobile Web best practices, programming mobile Web apps, HTML5, and much more. An upcoming course will be on CSS3. Find out about our courses open for registration on our classrooms page. Stay tuned and subscribe to W3DevCampus’ announcement list.

Responsive Web Design

responsive Web Design

[Beginner and Intermediate levels]

This course leads you through an approach that focuses on HTML & CSS to make your Web site fit in all viewport sizes. These are the fundamental technologies and techniques you need to understand, in the most logical and efficient way, what responsive design is about and how to create responsive designs that work.



[Intermediate and advanced levels]

Learn HTML5 and core Web technologies directly from the organization creating them!

This course is now available on these W3Cx ‘s MOOCs:


Game Development

game Development in HTML5

[Intermediate level]

Sharpen your design skills to deliver innovative applications and games in HTML5!

This course is now available on this W3Cx MOOC:

html5 edx course



[Intermediate level]

Learn JavaScript, an essential Web development programming language, to add interactivity to your Web pages.

This course is available on this W3Cx MOOC:


Upon request

Mobile Web 2: Writing great mobile Web apps

mobile web 2

[Intermediate and Advanced  levels]

In the “Mobile Web 2: Programming Web Applications” course you will learn how to program great mobile Web applications that can ship both online and in application stores.

Scalable Vector Graphics


[Beginner level]

The “Introduction to SVG” course will extend the skill set of Web designers and  authors to make maximum use of this exciting technology. This course introduces you to scalable vector graphics for the Web, and how to create and manipulate graphics using SVG that can attract and engage your audience.

Mobile Web 1

mobile web 1

[Beginner and Intermediate levels]

The Mobile Web 1 online course will help Web designers and content producers who are already familiar with the desktop world to become familiar with the Web as delivered on mobile devices. It is based entirely on W3C standards.