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Frances de Waal

Frances de Waal

Hi there! Have you enrolled in the course for Responsive Web Design yet? I hope you’ll have, or will soon, so that I can share my expertise on this subject with you.

The ever-evolving Web has always kept me busy (I just still am too curious about it, and love to put things in practice). At some point I felt a bit selfish, keeping everything I have learned to myself, and decided to write a self-study book about Web development, with the focus on HTML/CSS, W3C Web standards and accessibility. I am also very lucky to be able to pass on my knowledge through teaching about the Web for various educational institutions.

I look forward to bring new things across to you. For me, there are no stupid questions and I will go the extra mile (if necessary) to ensure that you get what you need from the course. I’ll help you to grasp the course material with patience and by using easy-to-understand wordings. And to add even more fun: I am extremely easy-going!

I do have to warn you though: being Dutch, I could sometimes be a bit direct in my speech. You should, however, know that I always have your best interest at heart. Another of my Dutch features is that I live on a houseboat on the waters just outside Amsterdam. My husband and I (and our dog!) are fully enjoying the green and quietness. But since we are here for Responsive Web Design… Why don’t you sign up for my course so that we can meet online soon?