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How does this work?

Once registered, you will have access to an online classroom. During the course, instructors will post lectures and hands-on assignments in the online classroom at the beginning of each week.

You have one week to go through the lectures and complete the assignments, which you can submit online as well.

You can discuss any questions on the lectures and assignments with the instructors and with fellow students using the classroom forum.


  • You do not need to travel – you can follow the course from your home or workplace; there is no need to travel to a face-to-face training event, thus saving cost and time
  • You can attend class at any time – there is no set meeting time, so you can follow the course at a time that is convenient for you
  • You have direct access to experts – the convenience of online courses allows first-class experts to do the training, so you will get first-hand information

The elearning platform has been developed using Moodle, a widely used open-source online education environment (users include e.g. the Open University in the UK).

What do I need?

You need access to the Internet and a Web browser. All material is delivered via the Web and so is accessible on any browser.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, from time to time at specific conferences. We mainly offer an early-bird rate for all of our courses.

How do I get a Certificate of Completion and an Open Badge?

The course includes practical tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) that need to be completed satisfactorily for you to receive a certificate of completion and a badge. This certifies that you completed the course successfull, it does not carry endorsement by any organization or authority.

My company needs an invoice. How can I get one?

You will have access to an invoice during the registration process.

This is exciting! How do I learn about new courses?