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  • Master good JavaScript practices
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    Intermediate level
    [20 October - 16 November 2014]
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  • ¡Conviértete en un experto en HTML5!
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    Español - Curso de HTML5
    [Del 3 de noviembre al 14 de diciembre 2014]

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On 29 October 2014, Join Tim Berners-Lee, global strategists, business leaders, and developers for an exciting afternoon of insights and discussion about the future of the Web, followed by a gala dinner. Register today for the W3C 20th Anniversary Symposium in Santa Clara, California.

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  • Still time to register: RWD and HTML5

    You have still time to register to our acclaimed W3C courses: Responsive Web Design and HTML5! Strenghen your Web skills and complete your collection of W3C Training badges! Our great teachers will help you learn step by step, and you’ll have fun with the proposed interactive exercices and compelling assignments. Two other courses are open for registration: JavaScript and HTML5 in Spanish. Find out more by visiting our classrooms.


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